January 1st, 2018

New Year Eve

II went to my sister's apartment last night. We both live in the same bulding, she's downstair. She invited my father with his ex wife and two of their sons. Last months my sister realized that she likes cooking and she stopped calling the delivery. To be honest her food is pretty decent.
She cooked chicken brochettes, salty pancakes tower, stuffed meat and some frozen cake with icecream. I love sweets but the cake was too sweet for my taste.

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I don't fit on very well with my family, we don't even seems from the same family, but I'm able to spend some nice time with them time to time. My family were already in the apartment when I went there. My father said that I looked great then he started to make jokes to my sister about how bad she looks and how nice I am, and tried to take pics of me  I never liked this kind of jokes, neither my sister, and she was about to get moody. I blame to the alcohol for this kind of attitudes. 

We had dinner then at midnight we toast. After that we went to the balcony to see the fireworks. It was hard to see from our position. 

I also enjoyed looking at the full moon in the sky

At 2.30 am I came back to my apartment and I watched Arrow until 5 am. 

New friends

I rarely make friends since I just pay attention to people who I find interesting or people who are not looking for attention, both are difficult for me to find nowaday. I have Facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts where I don't interact with other people although some of them I know in the real life. I also have a couple of friends who I knew from Internet (also a ex boyfriend who is still my friend). 
I came to LJ, and to DW later, just to relieve the stress writing about my daily life (and to practice my English writing). I've to admite that I'm very happy about the people and new friends I got here. The journals became my happy virtual place and, lucky for me, I'm going to meet some of us in real life also! 

I lost my panties

And I don't know where... what a shame! I lost 3 of them, who knows how because I just sleep at home.
I checked my closet, I checked the basket for dirty clothes. I also checked under my bed because I take them out to sleep, maybe they fell to the floor and I did a bad job cleaning... but nope... they are gone. Not a single trace of my panties. 
What a mistery! How the hell I lost my panties??? 3 of them, not just one but 3!!! People usually lose socks, I lose panties