January 9th, 2018

Murder on the Orient Express

I want go to the movies to watch Murder on the Orient Express, but this is annoying because there are just few cinemas where I can see the movie and they are not near home 
I wonder if I could download it from any torrent  or maybe I should invite my ex to pick me and to drive to the cinema. 
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well I tried to download the movie from utorrent but it didnt work, buuuuut I find the movie in a cinema near home! I'll go tomorrow with Flor 
It will be a night of movies and junk food 

edit: while I was buying the tickets online, the movie was downloaded lol. 


It seems I'm going to be a social person this year 

Martu and me decided to go to an exhibition of animatronics dragons by Ciruelo Cabral  I love Ciruelo, I don't expect this be awesome because the animatronics but I am pretty sure that Martu will enjoy it so much. I'm planing also to go to the Botanical Garden if we leave the exhibition early, we will see. 

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Of course I did shopping today but it was basic stuff: body cream, deodorants, hair treatment, etc. I got 30% discount. Tomorrow I'm going to the store to withdraw the ankle weights that I bought yesterday, then I'm going home and later to the cinema.