January 14th, 2018

A monster calls

I kinda fucked up (in a good way) my perfect Saturday night watching this movie. I put ice cream in my glass, I added Baileys, then I lay in the bed. I took my tablet, opened Netflix and I started to watch The Fall since I finish to watch the first season of Mindhunter. I watched 2 episodes then I felt like watching a movie.

Checking the list of movies I found "A monster call". I remember someone from any of my journals recommended me to read the book so I chose that movie to watch without read the synopsis. I found later it was a fantasy drama movie. I usually avoid drama movies, I have a lot of drama around me to watch more drama in my free time. 

Can you guess what happened? I cried the last 30 minutes of the movie. The movie has a beautiful message, I loved it. It's not just about mother-son relationship. I'll keep for myself my opinion to not spoil the movie if some of you want to see it. 

After crying durint half hour I was about to drink more Baileys lol but I decided it was time to sleep :)

There is my ice cream Baileys if you want to know how this looks