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January 22nd, 2018

Dragonland by Ciruelo

Water Dragon

We got the exhibit early after going to Burger King to eat junk food. It was nice to find that the place was not crowded. It has 29 dragons, 20 of those are inspired in the dragons of Ciruelo Cabral. If you like the fantasy world of the dragons you probably will know that Ciruelo Cabral, Argentine artist, is one of the most important artist of Fantasy Art (yes, we are proud of him!).

Each one of the dragons has a sign which explains what kind of dragon it's, its skills, what place is it from, its size, etc. The animatronics are in full scall, with sound and movement. It surprise me that the details on the robots are not bad at all. 

It took us 1 hour to see all the dragons then we moved to the painting exhibit. There we could see some of his famous painting and his petropictos (painted stones).

Pics behind the cut...

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Comment to 'New post editor' by theljstaff

I'm using the new editor for some days, it's not bad but I can't find the way to customize the sizes of the images in the entries. If there is not an option I'll be forced to go back to HTML editor, otherwise this can be annoying for people to read an entry with many full size images.

Something that happend to me, and not sure if I'm the only: after posting an entry with the new editor, if I edit that entry, it will change to the old format.

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Game of Thrones season 7

I know I'm late (I am always late). I just finished to watch s7 and I'm not sure if I like where the serie is going... just saying.


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