Feeding my obsession

I'm obsessive organizer in a lot of things: work, study, papers (sadly not with computer files) and a fan of to-do lists. I do list for everything. As you can guess this bullet journal project is feeding my obsession with organization and planning. Also it's the perfect excuse to buy and to use notebooks, pencils, pens, tapes, stickers and all kind of decorative stuff which I love. I want to buy ALL even if I'm not sure if I need it. 

I decided that I want to try the Bullet Journal system 3 days ago. I bought a notebook yesterday but I still didn't write nor draw anything yet, I'm still getting ready and enjoying the process. I'm not sure about the style that I want to give to my journal so I buy things because perhaps they will be useful. I should not do it, I know! 

I spent 2 days designing some stickers which tomorrow I'm going to print. I also got some decorative tapes and other stuff today. I wonder how many days I'll keep getting stuff to be ready before to draw a point or to write a single letter in the notebook...


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