August 4th, 2019


Update: work I

Let's start with an update about my work, that's the main reason why I was so busy lately. Last year, after I came back from vacations, I was decided to look for a new job. I was tired to work in a company where people don't do their job and the company nor the employees grow, tired of obsessive and pedantic coworkers, tired of doing other people job but not earning money for that, etc etc. I updated my resume and started to see job offers. 

In December I took another week off (I have 3 weeks vacations for year) then before I left we had a meeting with my boss where she told me that she was going to move administrative and sales department to a new office in another city, and she told me to think what I want to do, if to work in that new place or to look for a new job. That was unexpected. I wanted to change work yes, but having the peace of mind of being able to find a new job while earning money working here. The new place is far away from home and to go there I have to get a very crowded train and 2 subways... is like 1:30 hours trip. In the other hand, if I didn't accept I had to quit, and this mean not to get any money compensation... an indirect way to fire me????? 

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