August 7th, 2019

Update: work II

The new office opened last week of April. By that time, boss had fired 1 girl, hired another one, tested 2 people who finally didn't join us and 3 coworkers had quit the company. The girl that boss hired seems a nice person, but I call her "panic girl" because she is very dramatic, always stressed, taking her head in her hands, breaking into tears and exclaming "I want to die" as a way to show how catastrophic every situation is for her...oh dear

Another girl joined us. She's from Venezuela and I like her. First of all she has knowledge, predisposition for work and common sense. Everything I taught her, she learns fast. And the rhythm of her voice is cheerful and smiling. Finally someone with whom is not depressing to work! Boss and the girls are working in the new office, and the first weeks I went there 2 to 3 times at week to help and train the girls in their tasks. Boss was surprised to see all what I know about the company, and how different my attitude is now. I told her that I had very hard time all those years working in the office with an agressive person (superman boy) and with an obsessive one (smelly boy). 

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