October 6th, 2019

Vacations Day 4 : Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach, Tampa
Clearwater Beach, Tampa

August 19th. (Yes, I'm so behind with vacation memories)

We woke up before noon again. I remember last vacations we slept so much but this year we are doing very well. We decided to go to the beach, and I chose my favarite one: Clearwater, Tampa. It's a 2:30 hours trip but it worths. 

The red tide this year drops a lot of red algae in many Florida beach, and Clearwater is one of those, as you can see in the picture. It was a little annoying but the water was so warm that we spent long time inside. At some point I was feeling a little uncomfortable because Michael was looking nonstop to the beach and I didn't know why. Well, he said he was checking noone take our stuff but he forgot to tell me that he had more than $700 in his wallet. Later, when he explained that to me, it made sense. For 4 hours we swim, sunbathe and read then it was time to go back to Orlando. 

We were in our way to Kissimmee when we stopped at the red light and we saw 2 very big birds crossing the street on the crosswalk! It was so funny, like if they know  when to cross not to be hitted by a car. They made very weird sound. 

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