October 12th, 2019

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Why it's so hard to interact with other humans? 

A very old friend of mine is back to the town because work. I met him like 15 years ago, maybe more. He was a customer of a place I worked as cashier, we used to drink coffee and talk every day while I was at work. I had boyfriend who worked there wih me. This guy was very respectful and nice and it was a nice friendship.

After I quit that job we kept in touch in facebook, and we played some games together for a while. 6 years ago I got him in the street and invited him to have a coffee before he leaves the city to move toother city where his girlfriend lived.

Now he is back to the town, and 2 weekends ago he came home to drink coffee and catch up with me. I knew he has a daughter with his girlfriend, and she also has another kid from a previous boyfriend. I was happy to see him again, and didn't mind to invite him to home because he is very respectful and he has couple.

That day I learned they don't live together because the girl was not sure to keep going with the relationship. He left her and their daughter and move back here to get a better job. We had coffee then I cooked a pizza and we keep talking until it was very late, maybe 3 or 4 am when he left.

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