November 3rd, 2019

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I failed again on updating my journal. The last 2 weeks I was soooo bloody busy, and it seems this will be my day by day until January.

The girl coworker who was sick came back to work, worked 2 or 3 days, felt worse and had to go back to medical rest. For the 3rd time she told boss she will quit and this time boss accepted her resignation, but the girl is taking first her medical rest that noone knows how long it is going to last, not even doctor knows. Meanwhile I had to go to the office every day to help my other coworker and boss with the tasks that the other woman was doing.
The mess that we found was bigger than we imagined, and she was behind with all her tasks. I can't believe it. I had to organized tasks and work hard to get things done. I talked to sales manager and I let him know how busy I am now, and I told him that he will need to take care of sales tasks by himself. He said "ok fine" then he organized trips for himself for the next month and told me that if a seller has any urgency I have to take care of it because he will be only avaible at night when he comes back to the hotel. I'm waiting for boss's daughter comes to our city to have a meeting and bitch about this.

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