I should leave the ship before it sinks

I'm back in the office after 3 days working from home, I didn't miss this place nor my coworkers at all. One of the seller just sent an email saying that in 2 weeks he's leaving the company. This seller is one of the two who was going with me to the trade show in 1 month. Now we need to think who will replace him and I'm afraid it will be the smelly guy (there are rumors that he will also leave the company in 1 month). My coworker who shares office with me is already looking for new job and he had some interviews. I don't care they all quit, but what worries me is that my boss never has a plan B and she's so slow to take any decision. 

I'll to update my resume and start looking for other jobs. Meanwhile I know I'll be overworked, stressed and running to do my job and to care my projects. I have 2 weeks to do a logo and a website for my customer but he didn't send me any info yet...


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