Happily tired

I'm being more productive since I enter to work earlier. I need to fix my sleeping because I still go to bed same hour than before, which means I usually sleep 4 to 5 hours and that makes me feel tired. 

Yesterday I felt really tired. After work I went to the copy center to binding Martu's English book then I went to some stores to try to buy highlighters pastel they didn't have. Probably I'll need to buy it on Amazon then send it to Michael's house. When I got home I tidy the house and I mopped the floor, I take a shower then I started to cook beef empanadas. Flor and her boyfriend came for dinner and I also invited my sister and niece. 

We had good time and I really enjoyed the night. I'm happy that my sister didn't want to drink beer and Flor is losing weight and trying to give up smoking. Those little things make me happy :) I went to bed at 11 pm, tried to write logos for my customer but I felt asleep.


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