😡 pissed off

At least it's Friday...

This should be a good day because it's Friday but so far is not as good as I wish. I took my nieve and Martu to the school and we missed the train because it arrived 3 minutes early to the station... oh well, we had to wait the next train then walk very fast to the school. We made it though. 

The girl who works with me messaged me yesterday to tell me that she deal with my boss she will enter to work earlier, at 8am since I am going early too, so she depends on me to can enter to the office (she has not keys) and I should to say her whenever I'm not going early to work. That bother me a little. I do not want to take responsibility for her schedule nor report her whenever I have something else to do before our normal working hour (at 8.30 am). I replied to her that I'll try to remember to messaged her if I'm not going early though. This morning after left the kids I got her message: "let me know when you take the bus". I was already in the bus 10-15 minutes away from work. It piss me badly that she messaged me when yesterday we deal that I'll just say to her when I am NOT going early, but now she wants I report to her every time I get the bus???? I'm sorry but NO. I don't want to start my morning stressed running to the school then keeping in mind that I have to report to her when I get the fucking bus. I usually arrive to the office at 7.35-7.45 so there is not reason for me to report a coworker when the hell I get the bus unless I arrive late.

To make my morning worse, I checked all the emails that I got the 3 days I was working from home to see if my other coworker did good replacing me... of course he doesn't. There are quotes that he didn't do, sales process that he didn't finish, emails that he didn't reply but he didn't let me know about this after I went back to the office. He knows how to do the work but he doesn't do because he is looking for new job so he gives a shit. 

I got my new exercise bands today, need to try them. I bought few more things for the bullet journal and Mike got the fine point markers I bought from Amazon :)

Now I'm working on a new website while trying to get inspiration to draw a logo.


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