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The stress of waiting

Yesterday after work I went to the supermarket to buy some metallic markers which was 50% off but they were out of stock.... annoying!!! I got upset then I went to the bakery and I bought pastries to comfort myself with a dose of sugar, ha!

After eat them and drink coffee I sat my ass in the chair and I draw logos for 8 hours, doing a break just to eat pizza and drink more coffee. At midnight I had 6 model of logotypes that can work. I showed them to Michael and he liked 3 of those. I have 2 which are my favorites. I was so tired and my body was hurting because the stress that I went to the bed and I fell asleep around 2 am. Nerdy Saturday for me!

Now I just sent an email to my customer with a sketch of the logos and I feel anxious and nervous waiting for him reply. This is a new company that he is starting and I had to think logos almost without information. There where not a list of values or vision, concepts that he wants to transmit or even any info about what kind of logo he would like so I had to guess. I don't like he pushed me to do the work fast but he's a good customer and he's always happy with my work so I don't want to lose this customer. This take at least 1 week to make a good logo but I have not that time, he wants everything ready for the end of this month (logo, website, corporate identity, brochures, etc). This is why I feel unsure about the work I did... should I draw new logos while waiting his feedback? arrrrrrrrrg so stressed!!!!!

I want to start my bullet journal this weekend but I'm not sure if I will have time for it today :(


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