😃 happy

Today can be a good day!

I'm in excellent mood today because I worked from home lalalala. I'm more efficient working here that when I work from the office. I made ground coffee instead instant coffee, blueberry one!

Michael called this morning, another reason to be in good mood. We are always making jokes and laughing. Last weekend he started to run. He did on Saturday and Sunday but not yesterday because his legs sore so much. I'm so happy to see him working on himself :)

I got a new project with websites. My customer wants an online store so I have so much work to do the next weeks. It's good that we have some days off because Easter so I can work just on this project those days.

Now I'll try work on my bullet journal then I'll work on the websites at night. 

Oh! Yesterday I got some stuff for home: 2 pillows and a glass jar for flowers. 


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