😡 stressed

Let me bitch about this

Things that piss me off last 24 hours:

- I got the weights. 3 weight discs drips water. I had no idea why they have water inside but I sent a message to the seller on the auction site to let him to know about this issue. After a while I read my messages but he didn't reply. Instead that, he informed to the site that I got my order. I open a claim on the site and attached photos to it. I had the feeling that the seller won't take care of my problem so I was very pissed. Good thing: this morning the seller call me and told me that it's normal that the discs have a little of water inside and he explained to me the reason, and also told me that usually they drain the discs before sell it. We agree that I'll drain the discs and if they still drips after a couple of days they will change them for others. I hope I can fix it without change, I like the weights very much and I want to use them asap!.

- Martu had a short Math test and she didn't pass it. The test was not programmed and nobody knew they will have to do it, but still it was a test. She got 2/10 and I got very mad about. I took away her phone yesterday and I put her to do the homework. This weekend I'll do the same because she has Math test again on Wednesday. 

- Workers next to my building stayed working until 1 am last night making loudy noise with their tools. WTF, are they crazy??? this is the first time they work during the night and I hope this be the last. I couldn't sleep until they finished. 5 hours of sleep is all that I got.

- This morning my boss came to work at 8.30 am. Nobody expected she came because she was in a trip, but she came to catch the people who is coming late to work every day. She yelled to 2 guys. After that we spoke about the organization of the trade show and she told me she will send fat ass with me.... thank you for ruining my Friday!!! If this man smells I'll say to him directly, without care if I hurt his feelings. If he harass me I'll kick his ass and tell to him what he does is not right. I won't keep silence anymore. 

- Last week I had a meeting with the daughter of my boss to organize the trade show. Sales manager was not online so she and I took some decisions about what brochures we will print, etc. We cancel some of the brochures that sales manager wanted to print because the company had money troubles last week and because there is not enough time for me to design them and send it to print. Today sales manager called me and I informed to him about this. He said we got money so we will print everything that he originally planned. I asked to him if he already has the design because there is not time to do one and he said he has not but "we will see how we do the design". We??? I WON'T rush to design while I am alone in the office  answering the phone, doing quotes, answering mails, finishing the brochures that we need to print, calculating commissions next week, having a training because we are migrating to a new version of our ERP system, etc, etc, and a lot of etc more.  Why I'll kill myself doing everything alone when he won't even go the the trade show because he will go on vacations????? 

I think there is nothing left to bitch about so far, let's see if I can breath and start my day again!


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