😃 happy

Happy customer :)

I worked all the weekend to finish the website for the new company. Although they sent me few photos and almost no content to fill every section I did my best and they are happy. We agreed they need to send me more info but for now I can't do anything else. When the guy saw the website he told me "this is exactly what I had in mind". It's a win.

There are more designs that I have to do for them: business cards, paper, folders, etc, but those work is easier. Tomorrow I'll start to design the logo for another customer then her website with catalogue. I will work too in the catalogue for another website that I did 1 year ago.

I have another business in mind that I want to think and organize, I should write it down in my bullet journal :P

I spent the weekend mostly sitting working in the computer and I had few breaks to drink coffee, eat snacks and do squats. My neck and back hurt and I'm very tired, but it worths.


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