😡 stressed

It is getting serious

It was a stressful day. I got to work at 7.30 am and when I went into the building I could see smoke... too much smoke. The place was warm and smelt weird, but it was not like fire. I was sure it was the machine for washing tools. I walked to it and looked where the switch was, I could not see it. I didn't want to unplug it so what to do? First of all I opened the metal curtain to dissipate the smoke then I called my coworker who operate the washing but he didn't answer. I called my other coworker and he told me how to stop it. My office smelt awful the next hour. 

I worker hard to finish designing of all the brochures we need to print and bring to the trade show in 2 weeks. I couldn't finish today, one more brochure to design. I'm running out of time and that stress me so much. So far we are missing many things for the trade show and I feel nobody else can understand how bad this can be if we don't get everything done on time. Sales manager is not doing well with the organization of this event so my boss is calling me to re organize things. This is what always happens to me in my work... she will keep taking other people to manage the company but making me fix their mistakes.

After writing my last entry today, I got a new project to do and they need the design for tomorrow or after tomorrow. I took it, it's simple design and easy money. This people are also interested on my hosting service. I need to organize my business asap, it's growing so fast.

To add stress to my day workers next to my building are working again at night... oh thanks for that mtf!


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