😡 stressed

My weekend has started!

I got home 2 hours ago and I'm not going back to work until Tuesday, hurra! Yesterday was very stressful day. I spent the whole day at work fixing the brochures to print them. When I finished it and send them to the printer store, the girl called me to tell me there was a problem with the black color and I had to fix it again. Grrrr. 

When I got home I had to design a flyer for someone who needed it for yesterday. that stressed me more. The photos, logo, etc that he sent me were very ugly. I did my best but I was not sure if I liked the design. I showed it to Mike and to Flor and they liked it. I was still not sure so I showed it to Martu and she told me "I like it very much. If your customer thinks the design is ugly then tell to him : ugly designs come from ugly logos!" That made me laugh and I realized that I was indecisive because tireedness. I sent the design to my customer and he liked it. I worried without a reason.

Another thing that is stressing me is the trip to San Juan for the trade show. For you guys who just started reading my journal, there is a coworker who I usually call him here like "fat ass" who makes me feel uncomfortable always he's around me. He has overweight, he doesn't shower often so he smells, he smokes, he's always making gross jokes because he thinks he's funny, and he's always trying to get everybody attention. I feel sorry for him because I believe all those annoying things are because he lack of self-steem and I've tried to help him but I don't like that he's always staring at me, making comments about my clothes, makeup, nailpolish, eyelash, etc. I also caught him once taking photos of me stealthily and piss me off SO MUCH that he puts me in this uncomfortable situation when I don't flirt nor make friendship with anyone. He's going with me and with another seller to the trade show so we will do the trip together. We will drive for 14 hours then get an hotel and attend to the trade show. All this trip will take 6 days and it will be very hard for me to be in the same car than him while he smells and he smokes. If he smells I'm going to say to him. Good thing is that I can use my cellphone chip in my tablet to have internet and while he drives I'll watch series on Netflix, read books or write my journal. Maybe if he doesn't make a nightmare of this trip, I can visit some places that I've never been.

I'll do bike, squats, stretching, journaling, maybe calligraphy then go to bed. 


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