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Last 2 days where very productives. Yesterday I did my first weekly spread for the journal. It was a little frustrating not to have good markers to do it, plus the notebook that I'm using is low quality but there is nothing I can do until I go to USA and buy good and nice stuff. I already started to buy some things from Amazon and sent them to Michael's house. (Note for myself: I need to make a list with all the things that I sent to Michael, like all the makeup, markers, korean cosmetic, etc).

After playing around with the journal I spent a couple of hours designing a logo for new customer. They doesn't have idea what kind of logo they want so I did 4 logos and I mailed to them to see what they think about. I won't continue designing until they give me some feedback. After that I did bike, squats and other excercises then I took a shower and I had dinner.

I wanted to read the book that Mike and me are reading, The woman in the cabin 10, but Michael is still behind me for 5 chapters so I decided to work a little more in my journal and I did the cover for April, then I went to sleep. 

Today I woke up at 11 am and I got up because I could not fall asleep again. It's ok anyways, this is the second day that I get some sleep. I spent all day long working on my journal.... damn! if coffee is my first addiction, journaling seems is the second!!! I did some spreads for April: mood tracker, workout tracker, and the first week spread.  I spend hours trying to decide what template will works better for me, and looking other journals on Instagram to get new ideas. A couple of hours took me to draw and write. All the markers I have bleed and that is pretty annoying because the pages don't look good but since this is my first journal and I still need to learn lettering, calligraphy, to draw, and also I need to try different spreads to see which works better for me I don't care if the design is not perfect. I really enjoy with this new addiction, is relaxing and very creative and also a way to organize myself.

Now I'll start to set an online store for one of my customers. Before sleep not sure if I'll watch series, practise calligraphy, study English or do journal. I never get bored with myself!

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