nattalie_m 😎 productive

It was another great day. I woke up at 9 am (my internal clock wakes me up after 6 hours of sleeping) then I fell asleep twice. I laid in the bed until 11 am to finally get up because I was very awake. I had breakfast while reading journals then I decided to clean the house. Probably all those energy came from the coffee.

I did a deep clean of the bathroom, the restroom and my bedroom. I'll clean the living room and the kitchen tomorrow. I can't understand how can I lose so much hair without become bald. In fact I have too much hair in my head, like.. for 2 or 3 people. Every day I sweep the floor and I got a ball of hair, it's annoying! And when I pull the hair from the bathtub drain, it's endless! Autumn is the season when the leaves fall, and my hair too.

Since I skip the lunch, I had yogurth, fruits and oat then I worked a little in my buller journal. I set the goals for this year and I did the Books Read spread. So far as I remember I've read 7 books this year. I'm still waiting for Michael to continue reading The woman in the cabin 10. I should get pissed because he's not reading this week, but then he will throw me in the face that I got angry when he finished to read Origin without wait for me. Life is a wheel...

I didn't do squats but I did 30 minutes in the mini excercise bike. I don't want to feel exhausted tomorrow because I need finish to clean the house. For dinner I had pork ribs with pumpkin and now I'll work a little in the online store for my customer. The plan before sleep is to eat chocolate, drink Baileys and watch some serie.


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