😦 tired

Day off

I enjoyed so much these 4 days at home. A lot of things done, I can't complain. Self care, house cleaning, projects, hobbies, relax. Last night I watched 1 episode of Criminal minds but it doesn't get my attention so I started watchin Money Heist although I don't like Spanish series. This one seems good. At 3 am I was ready for sleep but there was a party next to the building, loudy music, so much noise to sleep  so I did a facial mask and I feel asleep around 4 am. 

So bad today I woke up at 10 am....for some reason I had the feeling that Michael was not working so I messeged him. I was right, he didn't go to work today because he was dizzy. I asked him if he was going to see a Dr and he said no because it's not free. I got so mad at him! He always feel bad but he never wants to go to Dr because it's expensive, then he spent money in online games, books or buying gifts for other people. How can all those things be more important than his health? but I'm the asshole because I want he go to the Dr... so I am. Maybe I'm an asshole too because I am who realized about his apnea and because my fault he had to see a Dr who confirmed this and wants to run a sleep test (which Michael still doesn't do because it's expensive) *rolleyes*

A good therapy to do when you are pissed is to clean the house so I spend many hours doing that. It's annoying all the dust around the house because the buildings that they build in this same block. There is nothing I can do about, just clean.  

I came to the computer after dinner to answer some emails, work a little in the websites and paint my nails. I want to watch another episode of Money Heist but it's getting late so I'll instead do English lesson then sleep.


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