😦 tired


Today my boss told me that she had a dream about me. In her dream I was at the airport because I was going to get a flight. I exclame: Nice! was I leaving for vacations? and she told me "No, It was a one-way trip. You was moving to another country with so much bags... and I saw you and I thought Oh Nati is leaving" but she said that I was very happy. I hope her dream becomes true lol, but it's so weird that she had that dream with me, she doesn't even know that I flight to USA nor even know about Michael. 

It was a looooong day for me, I had bad sleep. At 10 am I was sleepy although the 2 cups of coffee I drank. At 3 pm I had to go with smelly guy to Cameron company to meet a customer there. I hardly ever have meeting with customer, I'm not seller and that's not my job, but sales manager wanted I go there who knows for what. I tried to be polite with my coworker, I talked to him, I hear his problems with his ex, I bought coffee for both he and me, and I almost acted like a normal human. When we left Cameron it was late to go back to the office so he drove me to home. Few minutes before to get home he started to smell :(

I had dinner then I sat at the computer to answer many emails to my customers. Today I got a new customer so I have a lot of work to do. I could not design though because it's getting late and I need sleep. I could read my friends feed today, I'll try to catch up with journals tomorrow!


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