😲 sick

Hello bradicardia my old friend

I'm feeling so bad. Yesterday for 3rd day I was so tired that when I got home I had nap for 1:30 hours, then I got up, I cooked, I did the lunch for next day, I had dinner then I went to bed again. It was hard to fall asleep because how bad I felt. I checked my heart and it was the problem... 48 bpm. I don't know why I didn't realize before that my heart could be the reason of all my fatigue. 

Today I woke up at 6 am still feeling bad, I took the kids to the school then I came back home, not feeling good to work. I fell asleep until 11 am, checked my heart after got up and it was 50 bpm but I forced myself not to go back to sleep. When it was time to pick kids from school my mother called me and start yelling to me because I was at home but I didn't go to pick Martu. I explained to her that I was feeling very bad and I could not make my heart go faster, she didn't care and continue yelling at me, saying that she had to stop doing her things to make me a favor when I was at home!!! Of course she didn't even ask if I needed something at all because she gives a shit. I told her don't worry I won't ever ask for a favor again and that I was not feeling great to argue then I hung up. The older she becomes, the more aggresive she is. 

I messaged my sister to warning her about my mother, because she works with her and last weekend my mother was aggressive to my sister so better she try to avoid talking to her. My sister said if arguing with mom didn't make my heart go faster then there is nothing that can help me lol. I was a little upset so I did online shopping. I bought groceries, a new mug to drink coffee, a box to put inside the stuff I use to make the bullet journal and another blue pillow. 

After confirm the order I was still upset soooo I went to AliExpress and I bought 2 set of 45 stickers for journals, 5 Zebra highlighter midliner and 28 washitapes. I got 4usd discount and free shipping to my country. It will take 2 months to arrive though and if I am lucky Customs wont stop my order making me pay taxes. My heart didn't get better but my mood did.

I worker a little in the design for the law firm then I had dinner and I did 30 minutes of bike to see if this helps my heart. I tried to catch up with journals but I think I'm still delayed. Now I'm going to bed to do study 1 English lesson then sleep.


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