😡 angry

A day of fury

Things at work just get worse. Today as usual I got work at 7.35 am, 10 minutes later internet went off. I restarted the router but nothings happened. I had to wait until 8.30 when my coworker comes to the office for him to restart everything or connect the router to the other internet provider. He had to do the last and it meant that we had a shitty connection all day long. 

When my computer had internet again the first I got was an email from sales manager with copy to half company, including my boss and her daughter, claiming for we send today to the other branch office some credentials that we give to customers who take a course. He knows it's me the only one who can generate the certificates and credentials for those courses, we talked about this tasks a lot of times, and he knows I'm fucking delayed and busy with all the tasks they put on me, so I got pissed as fuck and replied to him with copy to everybody: "I'm sorry but that won't be possible I'm delayed because the past holidays, going to see the customer that you sent me to see, doing commissions, being alone in the office, organizing things for the trade show, doing quotes, etc etc etc. I didnt have time to also do the certificates, upload them to our website, generate the QR code to/and print the credentials. Regards" It was 8.30 am and I was on rage....

To add more stress to my morning 2 different person from NA-SA was calling me to make 7823564235724 changes to a quote but instead to tell me everything in the first call they asked the cganges one by one. Every time I sent the quote with the change the guy asked for, he replied "oh... now please change this other thing". At 1 pm I could finish those bloody commissions, something that I usually have ready the first days of every month, so I thought "well now I can relax a little and take things easy" Oh I was so wrong...

After lunch I went to the office of smelly guy to check what tools sales manager wants be take to the trade show because I was sure that the guy from depot didn't prepare them. Bingo!!!! I was right, we called this guy to the office and I told him "look I'm sure that you are talking with sales manager about this but we need to know if everything is ready". He replied that sales manager vaguely mentioned a list but nobody sent to him the list. There is nothing who botter me more than people who lies. I printed the email with the list so I had that paper on my hand. I took a deep breath and I said to him "How you don't have the list if sales manager sent this email to YOU with copy to me, on 14th March, as you can see here?". There was not point to hear more lies so I started asking to him for the tools one by one. Half of the tools are not ready nor even in our depot. Anyways I took a minute to see the list and to try to understand why the hell sales manager wants that we take so many tools to the trade show, including a discontinued model of which we only have one tool. 

The guy from depot took the opportunity to run away "to see what he had in stock" and didnt come back. Smelly guy can be an asshole but isn't stupid, he knows that I'm almost the only one who knows how to manage the company and he respects so much the work that I do. When I'm working in something and I ask for help to him he always will stop fucking around and help me. Since I'm who is dealing with the fucking trade show and who will need to fix any issue while sales manager is on vacations in Italy, I started to take my own decisions. Smelly guy and me went outside, we took the flange and the other stuff we will use to make the stand and we started to see how can we organize it. I decided that I won't take all the tools, I wont take all the banners and I'll take another pump-box. I also pointed about other details that sales manager nor boss's daughter even realized and now I have to get a solution for that. I talked about those details with my boss, she could not bring me any solution of course. 

Meanwhile sales manager and boss's daughter are asking to people to send photos of any bolting work we did to choose what "photos" we will show on the screen in the trade show (who will wants to see the videos of the manufacturer with the tools working??? photos are better!!!). By the way, we still don't have the screen, I need to go and buy it on Thursday. Oh, did I say that today when smelly guy and me were looking the stuff to make the stand I realized that the furniture they bought to put the TV on is just 22" height? This mean that if one person is standing in front no one will see whatever shit that you play in the TV? so yes... I have to also fix that before next Monday. 


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