_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

I am done

Today I almost quit my job. Smelly guy came to my office to tell me that sales manager sent the final list with the tools we will take to the trade show. Some stuff is in other province... My coworker told me that the technician is going there to do a services then he will bring back those stuff on Saturday. That pissed me off, they had more than 1 month to organize things but they leave everything for the last minute. Then he also told me that sales manager sent him to a company to train customers. I asked "why he send you today? We need to go to the store and buy the TV!" then he told me that sales manager and boss's daughter changed their mind and we will use the TV that we have in the meeting room, a big screen. I said that TV has not USB port so how we will play videos???? And he replied we need to plug it into his notebook.
Really???? We are going to put that big TV and the notebook in the small TV table that they bought and where I was going to put all the fucking brochures because there is not any other spot to put them???? Are they fucking kidding? I was on rage. This people can't be so retard. So you are going to spend more than $3000 to attend to the trade show but you will have a shitty, useless stand just because you dont want spend $290 more?
In that moment sales manager sent me in whatsapp a photo where I could see an ex seller attending some event. I was so fucking upset that I replied to him :"what about stop wasting time looking what other people do and start working in all the delayed tasks that we have???? Maybe that will help us to become better" He had no balls to answer me and probably he got upset but to be honest I give a shit.
Maybe it was good that he didnt reply because I was ready to quit and go home. After that I decided stop caring about the trade show and even about my work and I worked slow.
Tags: complain, work
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