Hello guys, I'm still alive. Last days I had no chance to update my journal so now I'm sitting in the rstaurant of the hotel drinking coffee and ready to write. On weekend I was busy packing clothes and everything what I needed for the trip. I bought a new keyboard for my tablet and shoes very comfortables because if my foot hurt I wont wear high heels the 3 days.  

On Monday I got up at 5 am after just 4 hours of sleep. It supposed that my coworker was piking me at 6 am but he arrived at 8 am. I didn't complain because he took a shower before left his home so that was a win. We drove for 14 hours and he didn't smell so I'm right when I say that his smell is because lack of hygiene. I have to say that he did his best not to be creepy. The driving tok so long because one of the routes was losed and we had to take another route, and because I drank 5 cups of coffee and so much water so I had to use the restroom every 1 hour lol.

We arrived to Mendoza at 10.30 pm. The hotel was fine, simple but very clean. My coworker who already know the employees from the hotel becuse all the previous trip that he did, asked to the girl for a room for me with view to the mountain, so I got a room in the 7th floor. I settled then we went to eat. Dinner was burgers, I'm not fan of eating out but nothing that I can do about that. We came back to the hotel at midnight and I went to my room very sleepy wishing can rest but I had to work in some designs. Because I forgot to ask the wi-fi password I had to connect to my computer at home using my iPhone so I designed in the screen of the phone :(

Oh while we were driving, all my customers were mailing or messaging me to give me more designs to do. Also my hosting went off for a while and emails were not working. When I tried to send a ticket to my provider for he fix this, I entered to a zone without signal so I had to wait to get connection again and send the ticket. It was so stressful! That night I designed until 1 am then my mind stopped working and I decided to sleep. 

Next day I woke up at 6 am and open the window to see the mountan, it was still dark. I ook a shower, get dressed and I went downstair to ask the wifi password and work in th designs. At 8 am I went to my room and I could see the mountains. Then i knocked the door of the room where my coworker slept, not signals of him. I went to the restaurant to have breakfast. My coworker came 1 hour after. We waited for another coworker who lives in that province for he come to the hotel to joined us then we left to our final destination.

vainilla coffee
A monument whih seems an unicorn but it's a horse
some weird building on San Luis
no idea what this is but I liked the blue lights
leaving San Luis
entering to Mendoza
the view from the hotel
Andes mountain
Andes mountain


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