From Mendoza to San Juan

After picking up the other coworker we take the route 40 and drive to San Juan. This route goes parallel to the Andes mountains. On the sides there are  vineyards and olive crops. 

A bike draw with stones in the mountain
A chapel
Olive trees
Olive trees

We arrived to San Juan at noon then we went to the hotel to let our things and moved to the trade show to set our stand. When we found our spot it was not in the same place than the plane that we had. They changed the blueprints without tell us and sent our stand in a corner in front of one competitor. I claimed to the people who organized the trade show and they gave me a bigger stand for the same price that we paid, so it was a win. 

Weather was 90ºF and the site was very very vey hot. My coworkers sweat so much but they didn't smell :D 

This is how our stand looked after we organized it:

We did our best to make it looks good although the problems I had to deal with while sales manager and boss's daughter were organizing this show.  If you wonder what our company sell, we sell industrial bolting systems. I love these tools :)

Outside the place there where an exhibition of machinery for mining. The caterpillar was really big but this model is not the bigest they sell.

We left the place and went to buy food to a shopping mall by 4 pm. There was a store which sell things from other countries but sadly they didn't have any others markers or pens. After lunch we went to the hotel and I settled in my room. 

Since I had to work in designs I went to the lobby of the hotel and started to work in my tablet. My coworkers joined me and every one were working in something. 

We had dinner in a small restaurant which is in the other side of the street. I wanted to continue designing but I was so tired that I went to sleep. 


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