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The trade show

On Wednesday I woke up at 8 am, I took a shower and I went to the restaurant for breakfast. I spent the morning looking for a place to print a label and looking for a post office to ship something that I sold in the auction website. Because someone asked me last Sunday if I had the product in stock I knew that this person was going to buy it where I was traveling, so I took it with me. 

I designed for a while then we had lunch. At 2 pm we went back to the hotel to get ready for the trade show. It started at 3 pm and we were a little delayed because we stopped to buy coffee. We got the place and walked in, and instantly we started to sweat... even me! I hardly ever sweat, maybe because my slow and lazy heart, but this time I did. I was wearing a undershit and I had to go to the restroom, take it out and just wear the shirt of my uniform. My two coworkers who have overweight were dying because it was so hot. There was not air conditionar nor fans in he place and everyone was complaining about this. Really the organization of the trade show was terrible.  By 5 pm I was fine but the other guys were still suffering because the heat.

The seller, who joined the company a couple of months ago, has not confidence yet to talk to people so the other coworker and I had to support him. I talked to people and explained to them how our tools work, and I also did live demonstration more than once. This always works... when a man see a tiny woman like me doing using a tool to do the work that a muscle man does with a hammer this take all his attention. Anyways we did a good team and everything went well.

The trade show ended at 9 pm. We drove to the city center to buy empanadas in a place that the seller knew and I took photos in the way. 

Provincial legislature building
Cactus garden next to the legislature building

Next to the legislature building there is the public library then one of the museum that I wanted to visit but I could not because it's far away from our hotel and of course it was closed at night.

We bought food to take away to the hotel. I overfeed myself so all I was able to do after dinner was going to sleep. 


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