Trade show ending

Before to write what happened yesterday I want to write how the trip for the trade show went. The second day we woke up early, we had breakfast then we went to a hydropower plant to see a customer. The plant is next to Ullum dam and I enjoyed the view. I took a lot of photos :)

This was one of the place I wanted to visit, here you can do a lot of activities: sailing, diving, windsurfing, kayaking, fishing, wakeboarding, paragliding, horse riding, mountain biking, trekking, etc.

Photos after cut

Dam gate
Ullum dam
hydropower plant, 8125 days without an accident

The meeting at the hydropower plant was fine. Again who saved the situation with his experience was smelly guy, even if we don't like him the guy knows so much. I could not walk around so much because we didn't have all the personal security elements needed to be there but I went inside the room where the turbine engine is. 

After the meeting we went back to the hotel, we had lunch then we drove to the trade show area. Smelly guy and the seller were to business meeting room so I stayed alone in the trade show the first 2 hours. I made many contacts there. That day smelly guy took me to the stand of our compititor to talk to them since they came to our stand the previous day (I didn't know it because I was at the cafe drinking coffee :D ). There was a girl who it turned out to be the daughter of the company owner. Her father and her uncle were there working too. She told me it's a family company and they all work together. She's in charge of the Torque wrenchs division. She was very nice to me and we were drinking coffee and talking about how hard it could be working with relatives, controling coworkers, etc. I wish my boss's daughter was so committed to the job :(

At 9pm trade show closed doors so we went to the restaurant for dinner then to the hotel to sleep, I was very tired. Next morning it was the last day of the trade show, hurra! It was bloody hot as usual, and some exhibitors didn't even wait to 9 pm to leave the trade show. There were not many people around so we decided to start to dismantle the stand by 8 pm. We left the place at 9pm though. To celebrate our excellent job we went to an expensive restaurant where we had to wait 1 hour to get the food.... that night I fell asleep by 2 am.

What I can say about these days working away from the office is that coworkers still calling me nonstop for I help them with stupid shit. One of my coworkers called me to tell me "Nati... I just logged in in our system and everything looks different! I don't know where to clik to do a quote now" Oh.. do you remember I told you 3 weeks ago that they were going to update the system and I also sent you the link to log in to the beta system to try and learn it?????. Administrative boss also messaged me to tell me that 2 weeks ago when I sent sellers commission I fogot to send the commissions of one seller. Wait a fucking minute... you got the commissions and didn't pay anything to the guy when every month we pay commission to him, and you didn't realize something was wrong???? and also you wait 2 fucking weeks to ask me what happened when I am out of the office and I can't do anything about? 

In the other hand the new seller (he's working with us for 2 or 3 months I think) spoke to me about how he sees the company, what experience he had in other companies, etc. He can't believe that we hire him who has not experience on sales at all. He also can't believe that nobody control what he does, nobody ask to him for the info of the customers he visit, nobody control him how he spend the money of the company. He also told me that the first day he met salesmanager he was about to quit because the arrogant way that sales managment treat him. For 2 days they were together and sales manager hardly ever look at him nor talked to him. He also complain that sales manager push him to sell but when customers need a solution to the problem with our tools sales manager doesn't answer. He ask me to talk to my boss to tell to her all those things because he feels the company will fails in this way... see? I'm not the only who feels like that... but what I can do about? I know this guy will quit in the next months. 


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