Mountains, fog and umbanda rituals

Saturday morning. I woke up at 7 am and packed my things. I went to the restaurant for breakfast and to wait my coworkers to leave. Smelly guy was late as usual... I should sleep 1 more hour if I knew it was going to happens. our first stop was Mendoza, the province where the seller lives. They decided to take an alternative road for me to see the mountains. 

There are areas where they exploit the mountain to remove rocks and lime. We also could see old mines, those that get inside the cave and they haul the rocks in train cars.

In some places the road cross a river bed. Luckely it has not so much water. 

We drove 2 hours in the mountains but in some point the road disappeared... there was not way to continue, so we had to drive back and to take the normal route. It means we were 4 hours delayed but the view worthed it. We stopped for I can to take a cactus called tuna.

We left the guy in Mendoza by 3 pm then we took the route to here. My coworker was driving fast and I didn't like that but I said nothing because I wanted get home as soon as possible. When we where driving across a village we got a speed hump that was not marked, the tool boxes in the van hit the back glass and crashed it. At least it stayed in its place.

At night it was foggy. I was very sleepy trying not to fall asleep because my coworker was driving fast and it scared me. For some reason that I don't remember he asked me what my opinion is about him. I told him I think he's very destructive and he lives in his past. He told me the story of his life which included cocaine addiction, alcohol abuse, depression, failed marriage, etc etc etc. I let him talk trying not to give an opinion about things he was saying. In some point he started to cry and I was afraid he lost the control of the van. I asked him to stop the car twice but he said he was ok. He also told me that he has joined the umbanda religion (aka called "sect") but that he is not active now. The few I know about that sect is that they sacrifice animals to wash people body with the bood. There in the news I hear often umbanda leaders raping or killing other people. I wanted to know how much inside this religion he was without he feels I was judging him so I asked him to explained to me what they do since I don't know hat doctrine. For all the things he told me it's clear that he believe on them and he is not so inactive how he wants me to believe. He said he believe he has 3 spirits and those are very fuckers like he is, and he accept that he is spiteful and vengeful person but he said he doesn't make his spirits work.  i was very stressed with the whole situation and wishing to get home. I didn't show to him I was worried, and said to him he is a young man and he should get his shit together and try to do something productive and good for himself even if he fails time to time. He said that he admire how strong I am and that he appreciate me so much, then invited me and my daughter to his house when his birthday to celebrate with his family. Oh no, thanks.... I don't want him attached to me.

I got home by 2 am, tired as fuck and very stressed then I went to bed and I slept for 10 hours. On Sunday I had lunch with my sister and niece, then I spent the rest of the day feeling tired and doing nothing.


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