Storm and chaos

Autumn started 1 month ago and we still have hot days. Every day it's 68º+ and so much humidity. Yesterday at morning it was raining, then it stopped at noon before I left work. When I was walking home I had to stop twice, I felt my body heavy and my legs very weak. I though I was going to faint. This took me forever to get home. 

At afternoon this started to rain and it didn't stop. At night it was raining heavily, I was happy I love sleeping when it's raining!. I went to bed at 2 am and I fell asleep. 1 hour later the thunders and the wind woke me up. I got up to close all the windows. Martu was scared so she came to sleep to my bed. It was raining so badly that I looked out the window and everything was white because so much water that fell. My sister called me because she was scared since few years ago a tornado flooded and destroyed half the city, she was with my niece and Martu and her house got flooded. Tornados aren't usual on our country though. I told her she can come to sleep to my flat but finally she decided to stay in her flat, downstair. 

I slept like a baby and I woke up today at noon. The news says that the storm destroyed so much things around. 2 people died and 1146 were evacuated. My city is 1 of 4 were the storm was worse. There was hail also. It's going to rain all the week, but won't be cold.

This is a video from last night when the storm was not so bad. A couple of hours later the sky fell on us :D


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