Anger managment

Back to work yesterday after a long weekend because holidays.  I'm moody and everything irritates me so I didn't write, I don't want the journal be only a place to bitch. I'm trying to do my best to relax and to take things easy. 

At night I'm watching Money heist season 2 while I do some workout with the theraband, bloody brillant serie!. I also try to journaling but I'm behing with May spread. I'm so busy that I don't have so much time for it so I try a simple spread this month. This is how it looks so far:

This weekend I'm hanging out with an old ex coworker, I think this will helps for relaxing. I worked with this guy in my former work, 7 years ago. He's a kind guy and smart ass. I felt very comfortable working with him because he's quiet guy, never trying to get attention or to flirt. I hope he still be like that. We are going to a cactus show so I know my cactus collection will growth this weekend :D


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