I don't feel great lately. On Thursday I couldn't wake up on time so I worked from home. It was not bad though, I helped Martu with her homework. On Friday after work I got coffee with a BIG cornstarch alfajor. The sugar overdose made me sleepy. I had a short nap until my sister and niece came to home for I to do their makeup. When their left I tidy up the house, had a shower then I went to the bed and watched 2 episodes of Money Heist.

Saturday was a nice day. My friend came to pick me at 2 pm. The plan was gong to the Cactus feria but it was cancelled then we decided to go eat somehing. We went to a restaurant very famous for its pancakes. We decided to order sweet pancakes instead salty because it was late for lunch. My friend Pablo ordered a pancake with caramel, cream and almonds. Mine was caramel and chocolate mousse. For drink I ordered Italian capuccino. It was a shock of sugar on my body, I couldn't finish my pancake.

After that we decided to go to Chinatown. I've never been there. We went to many stores, I loved it! My friend is a good partner for this. He already knew he best stores so that's a plus. I bought washi tapes, markers, stickers, unicorn erasers, underwear without stitches, nail file, etc. My friend was like "Nat stop spending money!!!" while I ran here and there choosing things. He also took me to a big supermarket where we bough milk coconut which is delicious and I bough rice pasta and chinese soup.

I didn't see my friend for 5 years so we talked a lot about how our lifes are going. It surprised me that he lives wit his girlfriend (ex gf) but their relationship is over for 2 years. He said that nobody knows and they still living together to split bills and because they are friends. He's not the only man in this situation that I know, and it's hard for me to understand how you can continue sharing a house with a man/woman who you don't love anymore. I'm not spiteful but I can'even be friend with my exs. We also talked about work, I explained to him how muh the company I work from sucks and he said he can make me enter in the company he works. I'll evaluate it, that company is away from home.

We came back home and I let him come him because I trust my friend. We talked a little more and he looked my cactus and magic cards, then at 10 pm he left and I went to the bed and finished to watch Money Heist. I liked this show.

Today I woke up at 1 pm, I got up, drank coffee, I tried to work on designs but I felt bad so I went to the bed again. I laid down but I couldn't fall asleep so at 5.30 pm I got up, I hadanother coffee and i tried to work... failed again. I went to the bed and I draw in my bullet journal.

I really hate how long this take for me to get sick. My body will fights against illnes for weeks making me feel tired, weak, depressed but not any symptom strong enough to treat with medicine. I prefer to get sick in the normal way where you have fever and some other symptoms which make you stay in the bed for a week and after that you feel better, but nope, I'm a figher for everything I guess.


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