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I don't give a shit anymore

Today I don't feel sick but still stressed and depressed. My boss fucked me up again with my salary and paid me less, or at least I thought this today (now I'm not sure... maybe I skipped one day because I felt sick?). I had a meeting today with boss and sales manager. They want I delegate some tasks to other coworkers for me not to be overwhelmed with work so administrative guy will do commissions (he's not happy about this) and the guy from depot will do certificates and credentials. I'm pretty sure that depot guy will do a mess with this but whatever, I don't care.
They also want I tell to them how much I want to earn to do some designs work out of office hour of course.

You can believe that they finally realized that they were fucking me up badly but nope, that's not the case. Before they talked to me they had meeting with my coworker, the guy who sometimes helps me with quotes. This guy is so fucked up just like me. He is technician but when he joined the company they sent it to the depot. 1 year ago they move him to sales department like department head but this was a mistake. When they made a seller sales manager, they offered to my coworker to be seller. He didn't accept because he's and he wants to work as technician. Then they promised to him he will do tools reparation in site... that never happened. Then the company started to sell a new product and wanted he to be the technical support. The guy who was going to sell those products quit 1 month ago so now they want my coworker to be the seller. He's very upset because they keep changing their mind nonstop and their break their promises. Today this guy told to them that if he will be the seller of the new product then he wont keep doing all the other tasks that they keep adding to him. This mean he won't help me more with quotes when I'm so busy with all the tasks that they put on me. And this is why they are trying that I delegate some tasks, because I'll be so fucking alone to do all the sales department tasks.

My boss needs the sales report which sales manager never did (yes... our sales manager takes decisitions without to know how sales are going last 18 months.....) she asked me to do it. Sales manager keeps being useless but earning the double or triple than me. Well... at least I won't continue doing commissions, that's a win for me. Something funny is that administrative guy is who control when I do commissions. Now he has to control himself. This is how ex sales manager stole so much money in the past. My boss is retard, she didn't learn....
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