Are all engineers that stupid?

Some situations at work are so pathetic that I don't know if to laugh or to cry. Today I was fine, neutral mood, working at my office when Mr. Enginner sales manager came to work there. He brought his laptop and he settled on the desk of my coworker who this week is doing a services in other province. A while after sales manager was there I lost internet connection. Oh well... I waited few minutes but still no internet. I went downstair and asked to other girl if she had internet, she had.

It was 2.30 pm. I went back to my office and I filed some papers. Someone called to sales manager and I heard that he said to the other person that his cellphone was low battery, and also his laptop. In that moment I knew why I lost internet. When sales manager went downstair for few minutes, I took a look at his laptop. The fucking idiot unplugged something without asking what it was to plug his laptop. The thing that he unppluged was the router for my office...

I decided not to say anything and wait, having almost 4 free hours was not bad! In some point he asked me to do a quote because he was leaving to do something outside. I told him "I don't have internet yet" then he replied "it was not me!" like saying that he didn't touch anything that could make me lost connection. Really you didn't, fucking moron? I smiled and I said "well, if I get connection again i'll do that quote" then he left leaving his laptop there.

If tomorrow when I get work the router is still unppluged I wont plug it. I'll do nothing (and there will be no one who does quotes) until they call the company for computer maintenance and when the technician comes to check my computer and he realizes the router is unppluged then I'll say "Holy crap... it was the sales manager who used that desk yesterday, now I see where he plugged his laptop!". 


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