The router issue

Today I got work and the laptop charger of sales manager was still plugged in the outlet were we plug the router, which means I had no internet. The technician came to the office and when he checked the router he found it unplugged and asked why we plugged there a laptop. Sales manager said he thought it was a cellphone charger and this is why he unplugged it, but man the wire goes through the wall to the other side... I don't know but I never saw that kind of cellphone charger.

I had a short conversation with him and I asked to him when will they to hire another person for sales department because they said they were going to do it on last December and I'm still here doing all the work alone. He said they won't hire anyone and this is why they try to delegate some of my tasks to other coworkers. I told him that for I can delegate some tasks to other people they first need to make the people do their basic tasks, and I enumerate all the issues we actually have with guys from depot, billing and administration. I also told him I'm not going to talk with boss about this because she gets mad at me and fix nothing. Sales manager says same happens to him. So I will continue getting fucked doing double work but earning just 1 salary. 

Ah and now I have to do all the reports that he should do because our main provider is sending his LATAM manager to visit us and to see what the hell is going on with us and why we owe to them half millon dollar. Boss and sales manager don't have any information about our company sales for the last 18 months...


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