😎 productive

S day: Saturday, Shopping, Sun

Today was a good and productive day. First of all it was sunny and a little cold after days and days of rain, plus it's Saturday and I woke up at a message from Aliexpress saying that my order has arrived to my country! 

I worked 4 hours then I did some errands. I went to Chinese store and I bought some brushes to try with watercolors, then I went to another Chinese store and I got those brushes that you can fill with water! it's a win. I bought 2 to try them, school watercolor, more fine point pastel markers, gloves because we will have cold days next weeks, flowerpot, a soft eraser just because I liked its color, and a BIG cornstarch alfajor :D

I got home and I ate 2 pizza slice than I cleaned the house. I cleaned the windows althought next week we will have some rainy day but I don't care, I want to see my house clean. I put one of my cactus in the new bigger flowerpot and I felt happy because I'm sure my beatiful baby cactus will love it and will bloom to thank me :P

After cleaning I had dinner then I take a shower. Now I'm drinking blueberry coffee while I try to catch up with all the design work behind.


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