😃 happy


Michael wants we go on vacation so we are planning it. Probably tomorrow I'll buy the ticket to get discount because the hot sale. We are going to Orlando in August. We want to go closer to Clearwater, Tampa but we couldn't get any resort for that month in that area so I guess we will book again an apartment in Vacation Village at Parkway, Kissimmee. I love that resort very much so I don't mind, it's 2 hours away from the beach though. We will stay there more days than usual :)

I got moody early while we were deciding the date to go on vacation, it always happens to me because I get stressed looking the price of the tickets which can change +-400 usd from one day to other. Dollar keeps raising its price. On friday it was $23,10 and today it cost $25,50. I'm lucky that I'm hard worker and good for saving.


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