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Hot Sale

On Wednesday I went to the shoes store. I looked for a nice pair of boots for weeks but there was nothing that I liked. Finally I found one and I decided to buy them. Genuine leather, rounded point, 10cm heels with platform, perfect to walk without feel pain. I tried them on and they were sooooo comfortable that it took me only 2 minutes to decided to buy them. When I was going to pay for it, the girl tell me its price and it was not the price I saw in the showcase. I told her about it and we both walked to the front of the showcase and she saw the price. Although I was right, she said they did a mistake when they put the shoes in the showcase. It was a difference of usd 40 including the discount for paying with cash, and that piss me off, I think they do it on purpose but even when I loved those boots I was not going to pay the other price.

When I got home I looked the website of the official store and I found they sell the shoes cheaper than the retailers, free shipping, and they were giving discount because "hot sale", bingo! I saved 24 usd and I paid with credit card (3 payments 0% interes rate) , I got free shipping and today, 2 days after, they sent my boots to my work adress. I was not there though so my coworker got the box for me. 


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