😃 happy

Unexpected weekend

My plan for this weekend was going to a Cactus carnival with my friend on Saturday and working on designs on Sunday, but my plan got cancel. 

On Saturday after work I texted my friend to know what time he was coming to pick me. He replied that he was not sure about going to the festival because it was far away, he was still busy and it was late. Then he proposed to come home on Sunday, take care of my cactus and update my computer, and I could help him to design a brochure. It sound good for me.

I cleaned the house, I sewed bed sheets and I chose what things Michael will get for me. At night I was going to design but I didn't. I was cold and tired so I went to bed and fell asleep. 

Today I woke up at 11 am, I had coffee and cleaned the kitchen. My friend came around 2 pm and we started to change all my cactus and succulents to new pots, using that substratum 7C that he makes which seems very good one. I mostly looked how he worked and helped with few plants, it was funny to do and I am very very happy with my plants. I'm sure they will grow strong and beautiful!


He gave me this one and 3 cactus

When we finish with gardening, he went for my computer. I had an old Athlon II X2 270 microprocessor which he changed for an Athlon II X4 645 that he didn't use. He also changed my old hard disk for another SATA 500 gb that he didn't use, all for free! Even when this hardware is not the latest technology my computer is now x3 faster than before, it's a win! 

He didn't need to install everything again in my new hard disk, he copy all the info with a ghost software so after few minutes waiting my computer was ready to use.
I designed the brochure for him doing a break to eat pizza. Because he didn't like my wireless mouse he gave me a new Lenovo mouse for my computer. He has computer stuff in his car because he works fixing the computers for a bank. I think it was very nice of him to update my computer for me to work faster with designs. 

Another thing he brought, which I asked for and I paid it to him, is a tripode for my cellphone, then I can take better photos of my bullet journal and also play magic cards with Michael by videocall :D

You can vary the height and can the holder position.

I didn't work on designs but I had a great weekend :)


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