Just do it

I need to get back to my healthy and delicious food, I've gained 4 lbs in 5 months and I'm not happy about that, but it's my fault because lately I am eating sugar and flour. 

The plan is to cut sugar and flour, workout 3 times at week and to do the metabolism diet for 1 week. That should be enough to stay on my ideal weight for some months.

Isn't easy to be healthy on autumn/winter. All my favorite fruits and vegetables I can't get, I drink less water and my body is always cold looking for calories to get warm... meh, stupid body.
However, today I'm using stevia instead sugar on my coffee, and yesterday I did workout. I just need to avoid flour. The scale showed 129 lbs this morning, let's see what happens in few days. 

I need to keep strong and not to get depressed to avoid eating sweets. Keeping myself together won't be easy because right now I deal with a lot of problems that aren't personally my problems but they affect me directly. I think that 80% of the time I deal with the consequences of other people problems....


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