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Weekend XL

Yesterday I had day off :D it was a excellent day. Michael called me to wake me up at 10.30 am, it was nice to wake up to his voice. We were on the phone for 30 minutes then I got up.

The weather was perfect, sunny and 64F+, so I got coffee and I spend a couple of hours sitting next to the balcony, enjoying my cacti and the sun. By 4pm I cleaned the house and I worked on my projects and designs. I got many things done.

After dinner I took care of myself. I did my facial peeling and I exfoliated the skin of my body, it feels soooo soft now! Today I plan to paint my hair, get my manicure done, exercise and have an IPL session. I should buy something to the bath, like mineral salts or bath foam.  

I've so many things to do before going to see Michael on August that I should make a to-do and to-buy list on my bullet journal. I want to look decent so I need to push harder with workout, practise more English, take care of my body and also save money to spend there. That last is not easy lately for me, I keep buying things. The last week I bought a new parfum which I like, it's cheaper than international parfums and it stay long on my skin. I'm really happy with this parfum, it's perfect to use everyday then I can save the good parfums to use for special days. 

Another stuff that I bought is a box for store the stationery things and new markers which I can do fake lettering :D 


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