Just breath

This is the second day that I feel depressed. I was having so good time last weekend... I should feel happy. Flor came for dinner then she stayed at home for 3 days, she left today. I didn't sleep well although she doesn't move while sleeping. It seems I was unaccustomed to share the bed. It was good that we shared 3 days together though. 

Another reason to feel happy is that Michael is doing good. He lost 17 lbs and keep on diet. He's trying to be better and lovely for me, that's nice. Last Sunday he went to Indy 500 and he had some beers. When he drinks it's easier to show his feelings. He still wants I have his baby but that isn't going to happens, at least no while we live in different countries. It's Wednesday and he still talking sweet to me, I should be happy.

Finally the Customs sent me the letter to let me know that they have my box. I had t pay the post mail services and tomorrow I'm going to the Customs to pick my box. I hope they don't object it making me waste my time... well for sure they will make me wait 3 or 4 hours there so I hope they give me the box. Cross fingers.

My friend is being so nice with me. He spoke to his boss asking if there is any job for me and his boss told him to send him my resume. I'll update my CV and give it to my friend but I told him to wait until I come back from vacations since there is not a job vacancy right now. Things at work are still unfair, rough and stressful. 

My ex boyfriend called me to go to the cinema to watch Deadpool 2, I told him to let me know when he wants to go. He still doesn't call me back. 

Tomorrow I'm not going to work, I have to go to the taxes office and make a deal with them because my mother own a business on my name and she is not paying the fucking taxes, so guess to who they claim the debt???? She will pay for it but this is me who has to go and makes deal and signs papers. I'm so disappointed with this woman, she's so fucking greedy...

I'm goint to bed, I should feel happy but... meh


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