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The washi tape addiction

Guess who got 14 new washi tapes today???? And 2 collections of 45 stickers each aaaaand new mildliners... YES! that's me!!!

100% pure happiness

I had to go to pick my order to the Customs, paying previously the postal services $120 (something like 5 dollars). They didn't make me pay taxes though. It took sooo long for they to give me my box because I didn't know that if after 30-60 minutes waiting they don't call you, you need to claim and they will give you priority. So I claimed after 2 hours waiting lol. The good thing is that they didn't check my box at all because they were in a hurry to leaved work :D
I have declared thed real stuff but sometimes they will mess with you even if you do everything fine. 

I went to the Customs because I missed work today. At morning I went to the taxes office for them to inform me about the debts. I could not do anything else about thaxes though. My mother finally admited that this time it was her fault and not something that the accountant did wrong. After that I made a power of attorney so my sister can do all those paperwork on my name.
At noon I was free so I decided not to go to work and go to the Customs to pick my beautiful stationery stuff! Probably my boss will cut my salary but I DO NOT CARE, my mental health is more important that her stupid money ..i..


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