Operation: hide your shit

I don't know how to describe the situation at work... funny? pathetic, ilarious, sad? 

Yesterday the girl who works here told me that she's pregnant again, but the baby is on risk. So the Doctor told her to stay at home for 2 weeks but she just took 2 days off. I asked her why the hell she did it, and she says because our other coworker who works in the same department is about to leave on vacations-paternity, which means that noone will be working on their department. I can't understand why she puts on risk her health and the baby life while our boss was relaxed on vacations!!!! Boss doesn't even know to check the bank account, and her daughter is never here to learn/do things, why should we sacrifice ourselves for a company which its owner gives a shit about???? The girl said that she's going to doctor next week and they will check if the baby's heart is beating. If her baby is still alive she will probably stay at home...

In the other hand, if both guys from administrative department leave... guess who is the only one in this company who knows how to do their work? what?? you said my boss? Nope, you WRONG, boss as I said doesn't even know how to check the company bank account (literally). Sales manager? WRONGGGGG again, he doesn't even know how to do an invoice.... it's me the only stupid employee who knows how to do everybody works. And it's also me who is saying over and over that this situation is wrong! If you own a company, you should know how to do the basic tasks to keep your company running. 

Next week our main provider is sending its Latam manager to visit us, boss are pissed about this. We are exclusive representant and their set goals that we should get, otherwise the provider will put his nose in our territory. Well, last years we aren't getting any goal and we keep losing market which is mostly company fault so it's logic they send someone to see what happens here then decide if we will continue being exclusive representant or they need someone else.

Even when the Latam manager support us year over year, boss doesn't want him here. The day that the man and his secretary arrive to our country, our sales manager and a seller will take him to visit our customers. Next day my boss will put him in a plane and send him to the other workshop that company has in other province...it's obvious that this man doesn't come here to visit customers, he wants to see our number sales, sales plan, and all those info that this company doesn't have.  But this old lady thinks that she's smarter than anyone and that this man won't realize how she tries to get ride of him.

This morning she came to the office, after 1 week on vacations, and she wants to make this place looks decent. Ha!!!! Because we all are busy doing our tasks plus the task that sales manager decide we need to do she had to clean the place by herself... well she made the pregnant girl help her (I think my boss doesn't know yet that she's pregnant).  Ok she didn't clean like mopping the floors, washing windows, etc, she threw in the trash a lot of boxes full of papers that for months and months were accumulated against a wall (literally) and she paid someone to cut grass. Probably next week she will make my coworkers throw shit in the trash, but the building infrastructure is old, poor and dirty.


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