nattalie_m 😟 cold

A short update

Lately I feel like Meh. The cold and the stress fuck me up and I just want to sleep, but I'm trying to keep my spirit up.

Work sucks as usual. Sales manager is pretending that he works so he starts sending mails to me at 6.30 am... one of the emails he sent to me this morning was asking if I did a quote for someone because he didn't see before the request that the customer sent. When I read the request it was an email from November 2017.... sales manager read the email 6 months later, good job! 

I spent last weekend mostly on bed. I played Magics online and I draw on my bullet journal. I started to play a game on my cellphone "June's journey" It's about to finding hide objects, I really like it!

Today Michael and I started a Fitbit challange to see who takes more steps in 1 day. It was such a motivation for him to win that he did 16k steps!!!!! He also ran. I did 10k steps, the double than I usually do on winter. He's trying so hard to lose weight and get fit for me that I feel so happy to be good for his life. He made the order to get my fitbit watch, will be funny to make challanges using my watch instead the app from my cellphone.

Feeling bad about being behind with my friends journals, I really enjoy reading you guys.

Feeling good about giving new gloves to a homeless today, it's not so much help for him probably but better than nothing. It's cold as hell.


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