Work update

I was kinda happy because I was writing here almost every day but lately I feel so tired that I stopped doing it. I'll try to make some entries today.

The first I want to write about to can take it off my head for today is about work. Latam manager is not happy with the work we are doing and he expressed it diplomatically and indirectly. I wish he did it directly because my boss didn't get it at all. She thinks wathever is wrong is employee's fault and she thinks she is doing soooo well to keep the company alive. The word "progress" is not in her vocabulary so nothing will really change. About sales manager, he gave to LATAM manager fake information about the company. He modified the information about sales and purchases, payments etc all on purpose and also getting administrative guy involved on that. Some of his lies they could realize, but I don't think they can do something about since they aren't part of our company so they can't fire anyone.... sadly. 

About my boss, all her worries are getting a cruise to celebrate New year with her daughters. This woman really lives in a pararell world and she doesn't gives a shit about anything else than vacations. Sadly if she dies her daughters are as useless as she is. 

For next week I am not sure what will happens. Maybe things will go back to the normal, where some of us do a lot of work while others do nothing, or maybe boss will yell at us and blame us because Latam manager is not happy. One thing is for sure, that our sales manager will continue doing nothing, being an asshole with us, and pretending that he's saving the company.


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