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Feria de las 4 estaciones

Yesterday Pablo picked me up from work and we went to the plants exhibition that we call "feria" here. The feria had place in an old hotel and it was not as crowded as I thought. Almost everybody there knew my friend, lol.

Photos of the feria after cut

We went through the stalls twice and Pablo helped me to choose nice and good plants. I bought more echeverias than cactus though. I spent ARS 500 and to be honest it was hard not to buy more and more and more... so many beautiful plants, also orchids!

They made a raffle and I won a cactus!!! I had the number 316 :)

After the feria we went to bookstores and tried to find old books with flowers/butterflies draws but we could not find even one. We walked more and we look at the showecases of the comics stores. Then we stopped to eat pizza, it was delicious! 

When we came back home my friend installed a new hard disk in my sister's computer and also Winsows 10 and Office suit. Then he left and I went to bed, I was soooo tired. 


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