nattalie_m 😦 busy


This week I'm doing the work of 3 departments: export order, administrative/billing department and sales department, I beat a new record....
The guy from EO who had a baby yesterday is now on vacations, he will come back in 10 days. The girl from billing/adm lost her baby so we don't know when she is coming back to work, maybe on Friday, maybe next week. The guy who works with me in sales, is still on a trip and he doesn't know when sales manager will make him come back to the office. The technician went to do a service to another province and he will come back on Thursday. So here we are 3 people: the guy from depot who is fixing tools, fat ass guy who is doing nothing as usual, and me breathing deeply and trying to keep calm. 

Sales manager went online at 2 pm and he is doing who know what but for sure he is not helping me with anything. It's 3 pm and boss didn't come yet so I guess we wont see her today. Nobody care about this fucking company so I won't worry for it. 


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